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Metal Is Metal: The Non-Elitist Metal Community
Non-Elitist Metal
Cannibal Corpse  This community is for fans of Metal, period. If you like any genre of Metal at all you belong here and you are welcomed here. You will never be flamed for your tastes. Though opinions and criticism is allowed and you can do the same.

  Post reviews, event posters, pictures, links, icons, other communities, anything relating to metal in any way. And yes, this includes Dethklok Metalocalypse.

  Please post an introductory post about yourself, whether you're a new member or you've been here a while.
† Put large images and videos behind an LJ-Cut.
† Posts that doesn't relate to Metal in any way will be deleted without warning.
† If you have any problems, questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact the Maintainer.
† Use tags with your entries. It makes it easier for members to find.
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