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Non-Elitist Metal
Metal Is Metal
Oct-22nd-2015 09:53 pm - Rock/Metal Albums I Got In 2015
Me & Chucky
Battle Beast - Unholy Savior

Napalm Death - Apex Predator – Easy Meat

Papa Roach - F.E.A.R

Periphery - Juggernaut: Alpha/Juggernaut: Omega

Blind Guardian - Beyond the Red Mirror

Ensiferum - One Man Army

All That Remains - The Order of Things

Of Mice & Men - Restoring Force: Full Circle

While She Sleeps - Brainwashed

Korpiklaani - Noita

Coal Chamber - Rivals

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus

Cradle of Filth - Hammer of the Witches

Powerwolf - Blessed & Possessed

Unleash the Archers - Time Stands Still

Ironsword - None but the Brave

To/Die/For - Cult

Milking the Goatmachine - Goatgrind

Being As An Ocean - Being as an Ocean

Lindemann - Skills in Pills

Ruthless - They Rise

StormHammer - Echoes of a Lost Paradise

Hammer King - Kingdom of the Hammer King

Alesana - Confessions

All Time Low - Future Hearts (Deluxe Edition)

Amor's Arrows - Power of The True Endless Love

As It Is - Never Happy, Ever After

Blackwelder - Survival of The Fittest

Broadway - Contexture: Gods, Men, & The Infinite Cosmos

Civil War - Gods & Generals

Dance Gavin Dance - Instant Gratification

Dethlehem - Destroyers of the Realm

Emery - You Were Never Alone

Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep

Eskimo Callboy - Crystals

Fall Out Boy - American Beauty / American Psycho

Falling in Reverse - Just Like You (Deluxe Edition)

From First to Last - Dead Trees

Fronzilla - Party People's Anthem

GrooVenoM - Pink Lion

Hinder - When The Smoke Clears

Hollywood Undead - Day of The Dead

I Am King - Solidarity

In Hearts Wake - Skydancer

It Prevails - Perdition

Jonny X Kyle X Midnite - The Blueprint For Going In Circles

Oceans Ate Alaska - Lost Isles

Palisades - Mind Games

The Persuaded - Broken & Reborn

Royal Quest - The Tale of Man

Seasons Change - Please Don't Leave

Shattered Sun - Hope Within Hatred

Silverstein - I Am Alive In Everything I Touch

Sleater-Kinney - No Cities To Love

Sleeping with Sirens - Madness (Deluxe Edition)

Stormhold - Battle of the Royal Halls

The Story So Far - The Story So Far

Tear Out the Heart- Dead, Everywhere

Thorbjorn Englund - From the Wilderness

Too Close To Touch - Never Endings

Visigoth - The Revenant King

10 Years - From Birth To Burial

Miss May I - Deathless

Bullet for My Valentine - Venom

Soulfly - Archangel

The Devil Wears Prada - Space

Soilwork - The Ride Majestic

Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your Six

Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls

Bring Me the Horizon - That's the Spirit

Slayer - Repentless

Atreyu - Long Live

The Black Dahlia Murder - Abysmal

Parkway Drive - Ire

Children of Bodom - I Worship Chaos

Sevendust - Kill the Flaw

Trivium - Silence in the Snow

Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War

August Burns Red - Found in Far Away Places
Aug-5th-2012 09:40 pm - Fuck You Vol. 3
Me & Chucky
I am looking 2 make another volume of song saying Fuck You 2 someone or telling someone to fuck off. Here is what I have so far:

1. Bring Me The Horizon - Fuck
2. Cee Lo Green - Fuck You
3. Crytopsy - Oh My Fucking God
4. Dead Before Dishonor - Fuck This Year
5. Dead Before Dishonor - Fuck It All
6. DMX- We Don't Give A Fuck
7. DMX- Fuck Y'All
8. DMX - Fuckin Wit D
9. Dope - Fuck The World
10. Eminem - Just Don't Give A Fuck
11. Eminem - I Still Don't Give A Fuck
12. Geto Boys - Fuck 'Em
13. Insane Clown Posse - We Gives No Fuck
14. Ion Dissonance - We Like To Call This One... Fuck Off
Jun-7th-2012 01:01 pmUntitled
Bug-eyed Earl
Favorite bands right now?
Feb-19th-2012 07:48 pm - Prong
Bug-eyed Earl
Does anyone have an image or something of the CD insert that came with Rude Awakening? Or it may have been part of the enhanced CD-rom crap that came on it. I was listening to it today and I remembered that there was something that said "What's with the swastika?" "You mean the fork? That's our logo we are not Nazis" (paraphrasing here). I don't know where I put the CD when I digitized everything.
Oct-19th-2011 12:03 pm - Fallstaf
Bug-eyed Earl
One of these things is not like the others.. one of these things just doesn't belong...

21 сентября на сайте журнала Billboard состоится интернет-премьера 3D-версии нового клипа LOUNA «Мой рок-н-ролл»!
После триумфальных презентаций в Москве и Питере в начале сентября, LOUNA решили выложить клип «Мой рок-н-ролл» в интернет, разместив видео на своем канале YOUTUBE, где оно набрало уже свыше 10 000 просмотров: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5fCFXyEq14
Именно там вы можете оставить свой комментарии и мнение о новом видео рок-коллектива, режиссером которого стал Дмитрий Махов (видеоклипы коллективов «Наив», «Тараканы!», Deform).

А тем, кто сохранил стереоочки после московской презентации клипа, рекомендуем к просмотру 3D-версию, которая и будет выложена 21 сентября на сайте журнала BILLBOARD по адресу: http://billboard.ru.msn.com/

Sep-11th-2011 11:45 pm - In the Kingdom of North
Theo S
11 сентября 2011 г. на немецком лейбле No Colours Records вышел второй альбом барнаульской Black Metal группы THEOSOPHY - "In The Kingdom Of North".




10 сентября в Питере в "Зале Ожидания" выступит московский рок-коллектив LOUNA: вас ожидает большое, громкое рок-шоу и презентация нового видеоклипа "Мой рок-н-ролл"!

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